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That’s it, we’re brigning out the dart gun!

For the past 13 hours, some idiot has been deluding himself into believing that his own beliefs are more important than the rights and security of a hundred thousand people.

A bit of advice for the next one, if you think that climbing up on a bridge and snarling traffic for half the city will bring attention to your cause, don’t forget that public opinion goes both way.

We may now be more aware of your cause, but there is no way in hell that anything will be done about it now. In fact, I don’t believe that people like you, who have such a distorted sense of values and consequences, should be allowed to raise children.

No doubt writers are needed,

When I first started showing interesting for writing here, that was even before Montreal Metblog was created in December 2004, I was told that for a city to open, about 10 writers are required. Somewhere along the way, the list has come down to 6 bloggers. I have no idea how that happened.

When I started out, I didn’t even know if I would last all this time when it started, because I already had/have my own blog.

By the way, I’m going to start getting sick if the weather keeps going up and down all day long like this.

And as usual, The Magic of Lanterns at the Montreal Botanical Garden is wonderful.

Money saving tip for circus lovers

As I said before, the Shriners Circus will be at the corner of Sources and the 40 West until next weekend.

Before buying your tickets, don’t forget to go to the shopping center. The stores are giving away coupons that are worth $5 each. Since admission is normally $15 per person (kids under 3 get in free), that is a very good deal.

Mois de la photo

September is Le mois de la photo (Photography Month) in Montreal and you can find photography exhibits all over town. I have very unsophisticated tastes in art, but I thought that the most original is Lindy Lee‘s creation where she used images of her family members at different stages of their lives. You can check it out at the Amerst Art Centre.

Still tired.

This morning, half way to the subway station, I realized that I forgot my bus card.

Yesterday, we didn’t finish making our doorknob so today again, we went up and down the school. In addition to that, we also played badminton and got late to class.

That’s one of the things I like about the course I had today. It’s like a workshop. When things are more technical and there aren’t many lectures in class, coming late isn’t an issue and it doesn’t bother anyone. The only important thing is to get the job done right.

Even though I go there, I’m not so fond of UQAM. But one of the good thing about it, is that the sports center is only a block away from my pavilion. That’s about 100 meters away.

Since I started school, I don’t feel like I sit much, although that’s all I do at home.

The circus is in town

It might not be the Cirque du Soleil but, if you’re into horses, clowns and elephants you might be interested to know that the Shriners Circus has raised its tent in the West Island.

It looks like they will be in Dollard des Ormeaux, at the corner of Sources and the 40, for about a week and ticket sales will begin tomorrow morning at 10 AM. My girls have never been to a “classical” circus so we’ll try to grab some for Saturday night.

A University Ritual

A traditional activity of the Concordia student every semester is the bookstore line up. Any one who has experienced this should have a sense memory of the aggravation and irritation felt in this line up. Some how, perhaps as self perseverance, the mind tries to forget the trauma but when the time rolls around again you quickly remember how much you hated this part of the semester.

A couple days ago, with 40 minutes to spare, I tried to pick up some of the textbooks I needed. The line up is two fold, the first section is downstairs, which lets you upstairs to the second line up to pay. The first one goes fast, which helps in the deception. The second line requires luck – there are four queues to choose from and I always chose poorly. I like to pick a marker, someone who is at the same place as me in another line, to gauge how slow or fast things are going. My marker was paying for his books while I was still 18 people back in my line (I actually counted). It

So tired.

Wednesday is suppose to be a day off… technically. I’ve been going up and down the stairs and elevators in school just to make two doorknobs and we had to walk under the bright hot sun to buy wood because what the school supplies just won’t do.

Why did I have to go and buy such a heavy laptop? Here’s a piece of advice if you’re in the market for one. For a laptop, the importance of weight outweights performance. Leave performance for your desktop computer. That’s a big consideration if you move a lot. If you buy a laptop just to move from one room to another in your house… I’m laughing at you.

Google Blog Search

This morning, Google has released a new search tool for blogs. Unfortunately it looks like a bit of tweaking might be in order. The top hit of a search for Montreal is a spam blog that hawks office space.

At least we come in second.

it’s hot

It’s getting hotterer and warmer everyday in Montreal. We won’t have a cold winter this year. There won’t be any snow.

Every year, that is how I feel at this time of the year. Right now, it feels like summer time which is very true since Fall hasn’t come yet. We are entering the period where the four seasons can be experienced in 24 hours: very cold temperature in the morning, then it reaches a peak in the hot afternoon and drops like a bomb at night. It’s a special thing, but personnally, I hate it. Sudden change in temperature is often how people get sick and sneeze over your neck in the bus or subway.

By the way, I think air conditioning should be installed at the most crowded subway stations. I would start with Berri-UQAM. For such a big station, the ceilings are very low.

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