A University Ritual

A traditional activity of the Concordia student every semester is the bookstore line up. Any one who has experienced this should have a sense memory of the aggravation and irritation felt in this line up. Some how, perhaps as self perseverance, the mind tries to forget the trauma but when the time rolls around again you quickly remember how much you hated this part of the semester.

A couple days ago, with 40 minutes to spare, I tried to pick up some of the textbooks I needed. The line up is two fold, the first section is downstairs, which lets you upstairs to the second line up to pay. The first one goes fast, which helps in the deception. The second line requires luck – there are four queues to choose from and I always chose poorly. I like to pick a marker, someone who is at the same place as me in another line, to gauge how slow or fast things are going. My marker was paying for his books while I was still 18 people back in my line (I actually counted). It

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  1. Christelle (unregistered) on September 15th, 2005 @ 10:54 am

    The first year I was at Concordia I experienced the bookstore queues. And since then I swore to myself never to go through it again! So now I buy my books the week before classes begins. Books are in your student list at that time. So it’s easy to just go pick them up quickly. Within 5 minutes you’re in and out. Only down side is that if you attend the first class and don’t like the prof or course outline, changing class will be costly as most books you can’t return once they are opened from plastic or such. Anyways… I hate the queues. I wonder if it’s only at Concordia or at other Uni bookstores’ too?

  2. long (unregistered) on September 15th, 2005 @ 6:17 pm

    line ups… great place to meet people. hehe.

    two ways avoid line ups in book store:
    1- go before school starts
    2- order online

    there a third that i wouldn’t recommend and that’s to go to classes and buy books late.

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