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An evening with Anthony, the Johnson’s, and Coco Rosie

The Anthony and the Johnson

Shows to see


As the self-designated art guy here, and always the most infrequent poster – I figured I could kill two birds with one stone, by making some suggestions on shows to see. As it is becoming fall and things are becoming colder, having something to do indoors suddenly sounds more and more appealing.

These are in no particular order.

17) Peter Krausz, (Sans) horizon. Le Centre d

The place looks different

I just got back from a conference in Gatineau and noticed that our list of contributors has grown significantly. Maybe I should leave more often.

Say hello to Barry (1998 Nobel Prize in Economics), Christelle (2003 Miss Canada runner-up because she refused to sleep with the judges), Frank (inventor of the Chicago deep dish pizza) and Matthieu (who decided to return to school after raking-in $100 millions in the Google IPO).

bamboo and school

I thought bamboo would be very difficult to find in Montreal, but they sell that at Reno-Depot in many sizes. i was looking for that because in addtion to building a lamp at school, we’re also going to build a wooden chair and we chose to use bamboo to do it.

Today, the temperature wasn’t particularly low, but the wind made it all cold. In our classrooms, a key is required to lock and unlock the window and people we’re struggling to keep the windows closed because the window really was strong and cold. We didn’t know where to get the key to lock that thing, so we went for the next best thing… we taped the window all around. Hey, at least, it works.

The ivy


Run for the Cure

The CIBC Run for the Cure is coming up this Sunday, October 2nd. I figured I would just make a big donation on my own and forgo passing around a donation form. It’s been over 15 years since I passed around a sponsorship form in order to raise money; the last time I was in elementary school and I can still remember how embarrassed I was going door to door for the donations. Yesterday over dinner I mentioned to my family that I was running the 5K and they immediately asked why I hadn’t passed around the form. I feel sheepish asking for money, but they were all so enthusiastic. Internet web sites make this kind of quick decision a breeze, within a few minutes had I printed out copies of the form with my Bib number on it and all my family members were signing up. I expect to have over 300$ for the cause; not bad for an impromptu decision to collect donations after all.

I hope the weather next Sunday will be decent for the run, but if not, I highly doubt it will change the mood of most the walkers/runners. There is camaraderie at these runs, especially for a cause like breast cancer. As for me, I think it will be my last race of the year. I don’t care about my finish time because the Montreal Marathon was my goal race for the year, so I can spend time at this race to take in my surroundings instead of focusing inwards like I usually do. I’ve made a promise to myself not to yell ‘On your left!’ at anyone – but this one time only! :-)



How are y’all doing?

Ok… back to work.

Panic buying


Yesterday, when I heard that Hurricane Rita had reached category 5, I decided top-off my gas tank even though it was still half-full.

Sometime this morning, a gas station owner punched the wrong buttons and accidentally raised his gas price from $1.09 to $1.67. He corrected his mistake 45 minutes later but, as we say around here, le mal etait fait. Conflicting information swirled around cell phones and radio stations (including a preposterous rumor that a Laval gas station had raised its price to $1.95) and pretty soon we had gas lines all over the city. Commuters would see the lines, decide not to take a chance and make things even worse. Tempers were already beginning to flare at this Esso station whose configuration was not conductive to ordered panic.

Increasing traffic at Metroblogging sites

It started with the Jesus salt stain in Chicago and the runaway bride in Atlanta. Minor events that brought in a lot of new visitors to the local Metroblogging sites.

Then the events moved on to the major category: The London bombings and the destruction of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina and political ineptitutde.

Now we can head on to Metroblogging Houston as the latest track of the category 5 Hurricane Rita has shifted north for a direct hit.

We are SO getting an ice storm this year.

Like the leap year, Medicare renewal comes but once every 4 years

A couple of days ago, I received a letter from the S.A.A.Q informing me that my Medicare and driver’s license were due for renewal. This letter filled me with dread. Other than applying for or renewing a passport, there is no worse administration task than getting your Medicare/driver’s license renewed. The hours for the offices are appalling, the locations are inconvenient and the line ups are grueling. Oh, and the cheerful people that work there make it even more special! I am thankful that this process is required only once every four years. (Please, oh please tell me this hasn’t changed!)

This year I will prepare myself for the experience, I will bring magazines and an iPod, but what I’d like to know is the trick to navigating the experience. Is it better to go in the late afternoon or early morning? I always though early morning was better but the line ups prove otherwise. Is it better to try a weekday or a Saturday? Is there a specific location that is less busy than others? I know this information is like gold, but I ask nonetheless – is there actually a good way of doing this?

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