Other than the Olympics, I was never one to watch sports on TV or otherwise. Over the years I have become something of a sports enthusiast. It started with watching Wimbledon coverage with my mom when I had free time during my CEGEP years. Then I started watching basketball with the boyfriend; in no time at all I was swearing at the TV and praying that the Lakers would just lose already. Now I find myself watching a cornucopia of sporting evenings like tennis, the tour de France, basketball, boxing, and embarrassingly, events like the Ms. Fitness competitions (oh shut up, I was bored).

Having seen some of my favourite events on TV, I would really like to see some in person. Imagine how amazing it would be to see the peloton whiz by in France or see a newbie like Nadal whoop some top-seeded tennis butt? I’ve considered taking the trip to Toronto to see an actual basketball game, but the downside would be that at least one of the teams would have to be the Toronto Raptors.

Well, this year the drought is over. We have the Rogers Cup tennis tournament in Montreal every summer, and I got me some tickets for the semi-finals. As you may or may not know, every year Montreal and Toronto alternates between the men’s or women’s tournament. This year we have the boys and I am thrilled. I would have loved to see Mauresmo or one of the Williams sisters, but I won’t scoff at the chance to see Nadal, Federer, Roddick or Agassi. It’s the semi-finals, I hope to hell I get to see at least one of them!

Tickets can be darn expensive, but the sessions earlier on are a lot more affordable, and the website has virtual seating so you can see what the view is like from a given seating area. I am psyched…as long as it doesn’t rain and they let me in with one of those beer hats, it’s all good.

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  1. andre (unregistered) on August 1st, 2005 @ 2:32 pm

    I go every year, my mom has seasons tickets. This year I’ll be at the quarterfinals on Friday.

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