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Sticker shock

Last weekend, as Katrina was still over the Gulf of Mexico, I was telling people around me that we should expect gas prices to reach $1.20 per liter by the next weekend.

I was so wrong!

It’s only Wednesday and there are reports that it has reached $1.35/liter.

I’ll make a deal with you, bring it back down to $1.14/liter and I’ll send the difference to the Red Cross.

Katrina is here


I just hope that we don’t get a little bit of New Orleans on the l’Acadie circle.

[update] Instead of l’Acadie circle, I am getting a little bit of New Orleans near my own lab. Water is seeping under an emergency exit and the corridor is all wet.


What metroblogging is all about

If you haven’t done it yet, check out Metroblogging New Orleans. Their coverage of the consequences of Katrina is touching, amazing and obviously very useful to all of the evacuees. Way better than CNN, it makes you realize that these are real people down there.

Citizen Kane playing outdoors this evening

There’s a thirty-percent chance of showers tonight, and we may receive less of the Katrina hurricane than originally thought. I saw this great film many moons ago, and I look forward to seeing it among a decent crowd at Cinema Under the Stars.

CITIZEN KANE Thursday August 30 – 20h30


Why oh why did I have to miss Montreal’s zombie mob! Last weekend two to three hundred of the living-impaired invaded Vancouver. This whole thing seems so much fun it can’t be healthy, especially since brains are high in cholesterol.

Maybe we should try to go for a Guiness record.

Game over for New Orleans?

I appears that most of the Metroblogging New Orleans contributors are heading off to higher ground. I certainly can understand why, especially after reading this horrific report on the consequences of a category 4 or 5 storm hitting the city from the south.

Right now the storm is a category 5. I seem to remember that maintaining this level of intensity for more than 24 hrs is quite difficult. I certainly hope so, they are looking at floods lasting up to 6 months and a death toll that would dwarf 9/11.

…and they won’t even be able to feel better by bombing/invading anyone.

Back to the trails

bizard1.jpg bizard2.jpg bizard3.jpg

bizard4.jpg bizard5.jpg bizard6.jpg

I always get a bit buzzed out in late August, a feeling that is probably triggered by the cooler night and the sight of my daughters going back to school. It doesn’t help that I have so much writing to do, grant applications, papers, book chapters, the blogs, etc… but the words won’t come out. Of course, the closer the deadlines, the worse it gets and even the camera gets little use. Thank God for my Costa Rica images or the photoblog would go hungry.

I am trying to get out of it with “bloggable” activities. We have just returned from a 2 hour hike at the Ile Bizard Nature Park where we were able to see a fair amount of wildlife. Tonight we’re heading downtown for Berber food and Baladi dancers.

Telus phone booth


This is the first phone booth provided by Telus that I ever saw. Not very different from Bell.


I’m sure people aren’t suppose to swim in here.

Looking dorky in something cool

When I took my driver’s education course, the CAA had me use a massively uncool 1983 Mercury Lynx. Times have certainly changed, yesterday I encountered another teenager who was learning how to handle the wheel…the wheel of a Mustang convertible!!!

And it wasn’t dad’s car either, it had driving school stickers and the “Auto Ecole” sign was precariously balanced on the windshield.

What’s the point of learning to drive on a sports car anyway? We were all doing 60-70 while he was stuck puttering along at 50 kph. I don’t even want to imagine the cost of insuring that thing.

90# could hurt you.

A friend forwarded me this thing. To sum up this French message, it says DO NOT DIAL 90#. Whether it’s real or not, it doesn’t matter, but it doesn’t hurt to not dial it, because it’s apparently a phone hacking sequence which makes you give total control of your phone to… there’s the mystery. Now, why would anyone dial weird numbers like that anyway?

Sujet : 90#

Pour votre info et celle de vos membres Info-Crime.


J’ai re

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