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Weather Permitting

Summer in Montreal always feel short to me. We just never seem to have enough sun or warmth for my taste. This summer has been a bit of an exception however; the heat wave we’ve experienced was a little more than I had been praying for. I am amazed how moody I can get simply because I’ve been perspiring profusely for days on end. Having said that, the weather has become more bearable over the last few days. Dare I say a respite from Mother Nature?

Now that the weather is so fantastic, I find myself trying to be outdoors as much as humanly possible in order to soak it all up. This weekend I have been aimlessly roaming around St. Catherine street, heading into a store or two whenever I think my body needs an A/C cool down. A trip to the Atwater market landed me some free yogurt with fresh raspberries which was pretty tasty – I find the market to be a bit over priced, so scoring anything for free is just gravy.

Today the boyfriend and I decided to do a run along the boardwalk in Verdun (home turf). The boardwalk was packed with people, there was a festival going on with balloons in the name, but I am guilty of not paying enough attention to what it actually was. In any case, it made for some fun people watching as we ran by; kids were wobbling on stilts while parents gorged on hot dogs and fries, dogs were lounging away in the shade as impossibly augmented women rollerbladed by. Like I said, very fun stuff. My runs on the treadmill certainly don

Do we want to go through this again?

Now that the FINA championship have ended with “only” $4 milions in the red, the city is now considering making a bid for the 2016 summer Olympics. Why not? By next year, we’ll be done paying for the last time.

Maybe somebody should remind them that Vancouver already got the 2010 winter games. I predict that this trial baloon will be busted by lunch time tomorrow.

Why is SF like Montreal?

Because they also have ZOMBIES! Check out these reports and images of the zombie flashmob here, here, here and here.

Our own latest infestation by the living-impaired can be viewed here.

A little something for your backpack

27448976_F_store.jpgThis morning, I was reading an opinion piece in the NYT entitled accessory to murder. These days, you can’t even take the metro without your backpack making your fellow passengers very nervous and I don’t even want to imagine what it must be like if you “fit the profile”. That’s when I had the idea that you could defuse the situation with the proper accessory…which you can obtain here.

Fuck, AIDS kills!

“Fuck, le sida tue” is the slogan that the L’Actuel Medical Clinic, which specializes in the treatment of sexually-transmitted diseases, wanted to use on a large billboard near the corner of St-Laurent and Prince Arthur and at the Berri-UQAM station. They started with the biggest perceived obstacle and obtained a special dispensation from the language police of the Office de la langue francaise. Unfortunately, authorities from the burrough and the STM were not as easily swayed.

More details in cyberpresse (in French).

The Summer Montr

6-7 August, Sherman’s Forest, Bolton Sud, QC
The Summer Montr

Metroblogging on steroids

Check out Metroblogging DC, 271 entries in July alone. Now that…is…scary.

New oxygen-carrying red liquid

If you look on the left, you’ll notice that our list of contributing bloggers has just grown by two. Say hello to Aaron from tenoarman and Heather from catharsis for me, diatribe for you.

They won’t be the only ones, by the end of August we should be joined by three more Montreal bloggers who only need a few weeks to get through some minor annoyances like vacations and life-changing events.

Let there be dragons

This weekend, the Olympic Basin will be the site of the annual Dragon Boat Festival in which 180 teams from all over Canada, the United States and abroad will compete in 250 meter and 500 meter races.

Admission is FREE! unless you want to drive in which case there is a $10 parking charge on Notre-Dame Island. A free shuttle service will be available from Chinatown (on the corner of La Gauchetiere Ouest and St-Urbain streets) to the Olympic Basin every 30 minutes starting from 10am to 6pm.

In addition, funds will be collected on behalf of the McGill University Health Center Foundation and la Fondation du Centre hospitalier de l

You like us, you really really like us!

Looks like Forbes is once again paying attention to the web and has named the metroblogging family in its best of the web.

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