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Which country is the Land Of The Free again?

The answer is here.

garage improvis

– dans le nord de la ville, on s’entraide pour la r

Damn hot.

For those of us who live un-air-conditioned lives, there is little to recommend this heat. Sleep eludes as we lay perfectly still in our beds, fearing that even the slightest movement will counteract the effect of our groaning fans. When we wake, groggy and sweating, we are momentarily optimistic–until we confront the day


My gas tank was empty. Not just in the red but almost below it. It was so empty that I was getting worried that I might not make it to the next street corner.

And yet, from the time I left the 40 to the time I got home, every gas station that I encountered was absolutely swamped with cheapskates that were willing to line up for 10-15 minutes just to save 6 cents per liter of gas. I’m always amazed that some people are willing to waste that much time for 2-3 dollars. It’s not like the West Island is famous for the hardships of its inhabitants who have to live paycheck to paycheck.

Finally the last gas station posted a price of 99.9 c/l and was absolutely empty. Although it was the first time that I ever paid $60 for a fill-up.

DinoFossils Montreal




Until this summer, the Redpath Museum was the only place where you could find dinosaur fossils in Montreal. Not any more. You now have until October 31th to visit an extraordinary collection of fossils from China. Located in a large tent at the Parc des Ecluses, on the west end of the Old Port, the DinoFossils Montreal exhibition has everything; from the 22 meters Mamenchisaurus, to the feather-covered Shenzhouraptor as well as beautifully preserved eggs, plants and insects.

And no camera restrictions, I LOVE THAT! Smart move, people will see my photographs and you’ll get even more visitors. If only the organizers of last Spring’s Egyptian exhibit could have been as “mature”.

Bye Spiff

I am saddened to report that the most famous kitty of the Montreal blogosphere has passed away. Don’t forget to raise your glass in his honor at the next meeting. From what I can read, he was a very good and affectuous kitty.

Quebec Flag

drapeau du quebec Today is Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, the day when French Canadians celebrate their culture and heritage through naked parties next to lakes. Actually, not entirely naked, I’d say only wrapped with Quebec’s flag. (That’s how it was in high school :P)

Saint-Jean-Baptiste was proclaimed the Patron Saint of French Canadians by Pope Pius X in 1908, but the festivities of Jean Baptiste started a long time ago, in a land far, far away called France. It was then marked by very religious ceremonies. However, the notion of religion seems to have evaporated and it turned into the “Fête nationale du Québec” in the 1970s when it became a national holiday.

One of many things that marks this day is the many flags that appear in front of houses. It’s kind of like Christmas lights but only blue and white. The flag is called Fleurdelis

What to do this weekend

If you are wondering what to do during the long St-Jean-Baptiste weekend, you can check out the official web page of the fete nationale.

Just don’t forget to press the mute button, especially if you’re at work. There is a special place in Hell for people who think that putting music and sound effects in web pages is a good idea.

Have you seen Mary Gallagher’s head?

Mary Gallagher and her best friend Susan Kennedy were not exactly the gentle and submissive women that were typical of the Victorian times. In fact, on the night of June 25-26 1879, they were intent on furthering their reputations as “dissipated characters who are in the habit of having friends in to see them and of carrying on the most disgusting orgies.”

The night started well enough with a visit to Place Jacques Cartier and the consumption of copious amounts of whisky. Mary then picked up a young man by the name of Michael Flanagan and all three of them returned to Kennedy’s house in St-Henri with the intentions of “carrying on the most discusting orgies” in exchange for tomorrow’s whisky money.

At 12:15 of the morning of June 26, the downstairs neighbour heard the noise of a body falling to the floor followed by a heavy chopping sound that went on for at least 10 minutes (somebody’s axe really needed sharpening). The constabularies were called in and were greeted by the sight of Mary’s head in a pail and of a jealous Susan that was completely covered in blood. A passed-out Michael Flanagan didn’t have a drop of blood on him as he was still recuperating from his participation in a most disgusting orgy.

Ultimately, Susan Kennedy was found guilty of murder and sentenced to be hanged. The execution was never carried out, she was released after 16 years in prison and died in 1916.

Every seven years, the ghost of headless Gallagher is said to haunt the area around the corner of William and Murray Streets, looking for her missing head. Although she hasn’t been seen since 1928, her 16th visit coincides with the long weekend so there is no excuse not to make it a party. A procession and commemorative event, in collaboration with Quartier

no man’s land

– rue Casgrain, au nord de St-Viateur, dans une zone entre deux quartiers. Un no man’s land fait d’entreprises textille et autres, mort le soir et les fins de semaine.
– Casgrain st., north of St-Viateur. This is a no man’s land zone where everything is dead during evenings and weekends.

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