What’s a bookworm?

Bibliotheque Nationale du Quebec.A bookworm is someone who spend their time
a) at the library?
b) in books?
c) always studying?
d) all of the above?
e) none of the above?
I really don’t know the answer. If someone threw that question at me, I’d go for B. In this context, I’ll use answer A.

Today was the big opening of the new library which is suppose to be… well I don’t know what. The line-up was so long I didn’t want to wait to get in. It was at least a 100 meter long line-up.
See what it looks like? When people put their foot in a small tiny puddle of water, they go nuts, but waiting under the rain to get in a library that will remain there for so many years is okay. I don’t get that. I must be missing something. Here’s more photos of the inside. Yup, the place is huge. It’s so monumental that it makes the collection inadequate. There are only 4 million documents. the university, UQAM, on the other side of the street has 10 million documents, but it’s a private library.

Can’t deny it, the new library looks good.

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