SDBSL is a greedy organization…


This morning I came across this press release touting the 100th anniversary of Saint Laurent Boulevard being named as the East/West divider of Montreal. On the surface, it all seems fine and dandy. But upon a closer read, it states that the SDBSL has created a “commemorative poster” for this occasion which uses an image from one of Ryan Larkin’s films. Again, fine and dandy – until you realize that Mr. Larkin is a homeless man who for about the past 20 years has been beset by a number of problems. His life, now, might be a tad better because of his being the subject of the award winning documentary bearing his name.

What makes this not “fine and dandy” is that the SDBSL is ostensibly giving a portion of the proceeds of the sale of the poster to Mr. Larkin. How anybody involved in the organization can keep a straight face when thinking that the organization needs the money more than Mr. Larkin does is beyond me.

It cost me 10

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