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YULBlog Spotlight: Wal-Mart only wants your crappy shots!

If true, this is an amazing story from the blog of Francis Vachon. Essentially, if Wal-Mart (in all of its infinite wisdom) decides that your images are way too good to have been taken by a slob like you, they reserve the right not to give you your prints…but you still have to pay. Here is the beginning of the entry:

A friend of mine went to Wal-Mart to have her pictures developed. OK, bad idea in the first place, but still

At least we may get to keep Youppi

The Washington Nationals may still be a few days away from opening day but they seem to a found a way to make a quick buck. Rumor has it that the rights to Expos mascot Youppi are for sale and that the Montreal Canadians (whose revenue column must look pretty bare this year) have made a very attractive offer.

I think that he would make a great goalie.

More strike

I am maxed out. I don’t know what to say anymore about strikes. Apparently, it’s worst in France. It’s the teachers’ turn. During Christmas, the SAQ was on strike. I remember last year it was it was the STM. Is anyone ever happy around here?

4500$ for internet access!

This guy, from Montreal, used his cell phone to access the internet with his computer for 4 hours and now, he owes 4500$ to Microcell (Fido). The article made a little mistake: the amount of data transferred is actually 103.25 mb, not 103 250 mb. With 103 250 mb, the poor guy would owe over a big fat 3 millions. Unfortunately for him, the article is right about the fact that all companies list all their internet access prices.
103mb in 4 hours, I didn’t know GPRS was that fast.

The strike again

Merely seeing the titles of these two articles made me write this. Okay, that’s only two people on the students’ side, but they are pretty big figures in this matter. Aside from them, school administrations are on the same side as the students. The only people who may be against the students are probably those who wanted to access the port of Montreal or highway 40 when students were blocking it some while ago. Those are fogettable facts that lasted only for a few hours, but the facts that remain on the surface is the many people who have been supporting the students since the beginning and those that add up every day. I wonder what the government is trying to prove by holding back. If it doesn’t want to lose face, I think we all agree that that is too late. If it’s trying to show off as a strong bold government, it’s actually going in the opposite direction. The last offer the government presented involved about 41 million CND instead of the 103 million that students want back. And that offer was only applicable for about 30% of students. I don’t know what else to say.

By the way, it’s Easter! Have a good day. Give a chocolate bunny to some kid, that will make their day. Oh, and get those Easter eggs, they’re so good.

Good Friday

So today is Good Friday, the aniversary of the Christ’s death. The Walk of Forgiveness is taking place as I write this. It’s been going on for 33 years in Montreal and it will stop at six churches before ending at the Notre-Dame basilica at around 3 P.M.

The right to protest


Antoine Rouleau has posted a truly remarquable series of images from the colorful student protests of the last weeks. Check out his Flickr account.
He almost makes me wish that the strike doesn’t get resolved before I come back from New York…almost.

Metroblogging message board

There is a message board (if you didn’t know).
If you’ve been wanting to ask questions about a topic that we never covered here or about anything else, the Metroblogging message board of is open for you to post messages for free.

Expected downtime

Just in case you find yourself with absolutely nothing to do on a late Easter night, please don’t expect us to provide you with fulfillment in your life. The metroblogging servers will be offline for a few hours, starting at 11 PM EST, as they need to be moved to a new location.

Try to be strong. I’m quite sure that you can find other good blogs out there.

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