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Soon to be somebody’s bitch

The Montreal police (and all of us “normal” people) would like your help in identifying the man in the dark jacket and wearing this butt-ugly baseball cap. A 90-year-old woman suffered multiple fractures and internal injuries after being attacked near the Ste-Catherine exit of the Berri-UQAM station on Sunday at 4 PM.

If you have any relevant information, please contact the police at (514) 393-1133. There might even be $3000 in it for you, courtesy of Sun Youth.

[edit] I can already imagine his courtroom argument: I only wanted to grab her bag, it’s her fault if she fell down the stairs.

Seeking satisfaction in rental stores

Ever since we bought our house, 7 years ago, we have been frequent customers at our local Blockbusters store. That all ended about one month ago when I was told that my last rental had been returned after the noon deadline. The problem was that I perfectly remembered dropping in the DVD before 10 AM the previous Sunday. Having to interrupt a lazy morning to go outside at

Funny HDTV fact

“Les Canadiens ach



No school for few, School for lots.

Even there’s a strike led by 15 associations, the majority still have classes and students do attend them. I won’t expose on which side I am, but I am going to look at this strategically.
I think the strike began at a very bad time, because it’s right 2 days before spring break, so what difference is it going to make if the strike ends in a week.
The students supporting this strike are stupid. No, that didn’t come out right. I mean the students supporting this strike *at this time* are stupid. Students already paid their tuition fees. That money is already out of their pockets and by having this strike… well you can figure it out. If this strike hurts enough to make the government change, then good. But it should have been a bigger stronger strike. And that would have been accomplished at some time before a semester, before students have paid. There’s a much bigger problem when students don’t pay school fees.
But as I said in my previous article, all I want is to finish my studies ASAP. I get the feeling there are more strikes in Quebec than anywhere else in the world. Someone say I’m wrong and tell me where, I won’t go there.

30 000 students in Quebec on strike.

There we go. Something I was afraid of, because it affects me. Tomorrow, about 30 000 students will be on strikes because of a 103 million dollar cut on loans. It’s good to make pressure on the government, but on a personal (and selfish) point of view, I don’t really need government’s money and all I want is to finish my studies ASAP. Well, on the good side, we all have a break from school and I think this strike will allow students to manage better their workload which increases a lot right about this time of the year.
Here’s the full article in French. I didn’t find one in English.

Montreal High Lights Festival

Yes, I finally made it! I even took the time to cook up my usual photo gallery. Enjoy, I’m off to bed.

Drugs are bad mmmKay?

Driving to and from work with a bad back…ow!

Driving to and from work with a bad back and snow hiding the potholes…ow, ow, OW!

At least I discovered why taking codeine and driving would be a bad mix. We were having diner on Sunday night when I got up (ow!) to take the chicken fingers out of the oven (my older daughter hates Thai food). This caused my oversensitive smoke alarm to scream bloody murder and my wife took my chair to get it off the wall. What happened next was recounted by my daughters since I don’t remember any of it. I walked back to the table, moved around the non-existant chair and proceeded to fall straight on my back…AYOYE CALEVASSE!

It’s almost a good thing that my wrists took the brunt of the fall.

Owls in Ile Bizard


The rumors were true, great grey owls are found in abundance on

Qu’est-ce que c’est?


On dirait de la cr

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