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Weather. Nasty nature.

Around the world, it sounds as if the weather is all people can talk about. That’s all related to the tsunamis. In Montreal, conversations always include the current freezing weather we are having. It’s about -30C or -22F right now. If you want to experience something new and change something in your life, come to Montreal now, it’s great! All right, time to go out…


Doucement, la ville se remet des F

The Montreal Art Review Round Up


Lotsa stuff happening since the last round up. Twenty-three articles in fact.

In no particular order:
Le Devoir’s St

Happy New Year!

It’s never too late to say happy new year. 6 days have passed since 2005 began. So far, all is well, except for the tsumanis. The good thing about human is that there are always hope. When you see celebrities donating millions for helping that cause, it’s pitiful to learn that Quebec’s donation didn’t even reach the million canadian dollar.
On the good side of things, Montreal has just received a whole lot of snow yesterday. Most people hate it, but for skiers like me, it’s the most beautiful natural thing that can happen during winter.
Here are some tips on the way you should be dressed when going around in the city. I’m just going to repeat myself because I already talked about it in another post. This year, I wear less layers than previous years and I didn’t get the flu while I find headlines like “Le Qu

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