Let it snow, let it snow, fret it snow…


The big snow started last week. Early December is about right, but I seem to remember having a few “teaser” days where the snow would fall but disappear by the next day. This year, though, there was none of that. It snowed hard, and kept on snowing… and it “snows no sign of letting up!” Hehe.

I was driving back home from downtown late last friday night (probably the worst snow night so far), when it had been snowing hard for a few hours and the fine, upstanding snow removal entities we have in place didn’t see fit to start working yet. The 20 minute trip took a lengthy one-and-a-half hours, with speeds of about 20km/h on the roads (maximum is 50km/h) and 50km/h on the highway (maximum is 100km/h or “as fast as you can go”, depending). The pic above is of Sherbrooke street, one of the main streets in downtown Montreal.

It was an interesting drive all the same. It’s quite something to be driving carefully, respecting the weather conditions (lest I find myself wrapped around a pole), and warily watch a group of 19 year olds packed in mom’s SUV zoom by in the right lane with all four winter tires spinning. Four wheel drive and winter tires do not a Demi-God make. Regardless, I drove by that very same SUV about 5 minutes later, after it had become one with a snowbank. As I stopped by and ensured that no one was dead (well, excluding brain-dead), I reminded myself to take it extra-easy on the way home, and I slowed down by another 5km/h.

I love this city.

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