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Newspaper to avoid


The Gazette in their infinite wisdom, decided to publish an article called Faces to Watch where they “asked our entertainment writers to choose two artists each to profile and tell our readers why we think they’re going to have high-profile a year in 2005.” And while I have nothing against any of the writers or the artists chosen, I think it is absolutely reprehensible that they give the “Circus Arts” a nod, but somehow manage to completely avoid anything that could even be remotely considered the Visual Arts.

For those who want to avoid the aformentioned newspaper, here’s the list of non-visual artists that were chosen, along with their chooser:
Maxime Denommee – Gaetan L. Charlebois
Anne Dorval – Gaetan L. Charlebois
Jacynthe Lague – John Griffin
Noemi Yelle – John Griffin
Charles-Mathieu Brunelle – Kathryn Greenaway
Normand Latourelle – Kathryn Greenaway
Mary Vingoe – Matt Radz
Wajdi Mouawad – Matt Radz
Taima – Bernard Perusse
Jonas – Bernard Perusse
Mariko Kida – Victor Swoboda
Dave St. Pierre – Victor Swoboda
The Arcade Fire – Jordan Zivitz
Pony Up! – Jordan Zivitz
Arctic – T’cha Dunlevy
Creature – T’cha Dunlevy
Andree Watters – Brendan Kelly
Matthew Harbour – Brandan Kelly

Also, someone should mention to the Gazette, that it isn’t such a hot idea to have a reporter writing about a “Face to Watch” who has also been hired by the same reporter to perform.

Christmas… always on.

So, December 25th has passed. Now, we have to wait 364 days for the next one. On the other hand, Christmas hasn’t ended. The shopping madness will go on today with all the sales. People will invade shopping malls like planets are invaded in movies. Some people will be happy, because they got their hands on the best deals ever. Others will be angry because they couldn’t find such deals. Those sellers have to be very patient. If we could read minds, we would probably hear a lot of “Grrrr, I’m gonna kill that guy.” All that to say that Christmas doesn’t end. It’s not like gas, Christmas doesn’t run out.
Some tips: don’t go shopping unless you know what you want. The Internet is a good place to look for reviews. In my experience, it has been very reliable. I’m not talking about critics from publishers, I’m talking about reviews by people who used the products.
Anyways, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (and still having it). I know I do. Remember the beginning of 2004? Remember what you did? Remember your resolution? Did you fulfill it? You have a few days left.
Happy end of year!

Best wishes to y…[incoherent mumble…]


Holiday Greetings, humans! If you haven’t yet succumbed to frostbite or trampling-by-shopper, I would like to [actually, I am] wish you and yours (family, friends, worldly and other-worldly possessions, etc) a Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah Super-Duper Kwanzaa happy holidays! As the sign says… if you’re not sure you can park here, then you probably can’t!


No matter how much of a Grinch you are (shame on you!), you gotta crack a little smile when you see an elderly couple walking hand-in-hand in the snow.


As luck wouldn’t have it, I had do some last minute shopping at the nuclear shelter/shopping mall known as Le Carrefour Laval (one of the largest in Eastern Canada I believe). That isn’t camera blur; the entire mall was actually coated in a surreal, blurry fog. Or so it seemed from all the noise and lights. I’m told that alcohol can cause that effect as well.


This was the view driving back from the mall; a cloud front being pushed away by clear skies. I really hope that it’s indicative of the times to come for 2005; I think most of us could use some clear skies.


Cool Stuff


According to the CBC, two Montreal artists, Serge Murphy and Charles Guilbert won a $10,000 prize funded by Bell Canada. Who?

Click Here, Here, and/or Here.

Cool and congratulations!

Suggestions cadeaux


Je trouve que le plus beau cadeau, c’est un billet de spectacle. D’abord parce que

Art Review Round Up


In no particular order.
Peter Goddard in the Toronto Star on Angela Grauerholz. 473 Words, and the review gets a “B.”
Jean-Claude Rochefort in Le Devoir on Timelength. 1,221 Words, and the review gets an “A.”
Isabelle Porter in Le Devoir on 26 objets en qu

When is too much almost enough?

Competing festivals to confuse Montreal’s film scene

Montreal is known to outsiders for many things (and notorious for a few): great nightlife, a thriving artistic community, beautiful women, incredible restaurants tucked away in every corner, and, of course, the cultural scene.

Of the festivals we hold here in Montreal, the most well-known ones internationally are the Jazz Festival, the Just for Laughs comedy festival and the film festival. It seems that the latter is now in a state of chaos, due of course to politics within the organizing bodies.

Like another important money-making event that we almost lost due to the perpetual lack of “common-effin’-sense” which the government seems to perpetuate, the quagmire surrounding the 2005 film festivals threatens us and our city’s reputation.

In other news, I’ve started to develop a strong appreciation for graffiti and urban art – it’s the only pleasant part of note in the snapshot below, taken yesterday on the Montreal plateau (near St-Laurent):


Wonderful time

It’s a beautiful time of the year. The holiday season is upon us. There are job parties here and there. Students finish their final exams and they can finally relax. There are parties here and there every single day until… after new year’s. The snow is white. Ski resorts open up. Houses and streets are decorated. Stores are friendly (and sometimes creepy). Mall’s are beautiful. Most importantly: people are happy. Did I miss anything?
Sure, you might say it’s no different from other places on this planet, but the beautiful white snow makes all the difference. There are some cities that are like this all year long. That’s wonderful and at some point, it will become a common thing. You will no longer find anything special about it. In Montreal, everything is made more beautiful, because it will end. To quote Achilles from the movie Troy “Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed”.

Ne me remerciez pas (affaire Roadsworth)

Je vous reviens bri

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